joint replacement therapy

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Physical therapists are trained to utilize in their practice therapeutic modalities, soft tissue, muscle and spinal techniques, mobility and postural corrective instruction and the prescribing of specialized adaptive braces, orthotics and equipment needs.

Physical therapy consultation facilitates pain management, restoration of soft tissues optimizing independent mobility and function in the work place or at home.

Physiotherapists are a professional health care discipline, regulated by the Regulated Health Professions Act and are university graduates of The Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Treatable Conditions

Spinal Pain / Sciatica
Joint or Muscle Pain and Injury Tendonitis / Bursitis
Sprains and Strains
Tennis Elbow
Golfing Wrist / Elbow / RSI
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Carpal Tunnel
Neuropathic Pain / Shingles
Dancing / Running Injuries
Wound / Ulcer Healing

Modalities of Physical Therapy Available

Low Level LASER 905/660nm, pulsed
Manual Therapy
Exercise Therapy
Brace / Splint Fitting
Postural / Gait / Balance Training
*Also Consultation / Teaching and Referral Services