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Smoking Cessation

Pre-registration is required, to be arranged with reception. A Registered Physiotherapist will assess each client and answer any questions. A pre-evaluation questionnaire and consent must be completed. Handouts will be provided to take home. Class size is limited to four-six people.

A post- evaluation questionnaire will occur by telephone or in person, six days and six months post-class. Your participation post-class is voluntary. The input that your provide in the telephone survey helps us to evaluate smoking cessation guidelines and outcomes.

The class consists of presentations by Dr Heather McLean, Clinical Psychologist, and Gillian Reid, Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
Individual AcuLASER treatments are provided by a Registered Physiotherapist.

Elizabeth Daw, Registered Physiotherapist has over twenty years of experience in teaching the safe, painless and drug-free, clinical application of light source energy (or LASER).

Further individual consultations are available as Dr. McLean also recommends a follow up topic session "Anxiety and Mood Management for Smokers".  

Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Gillian Reid provides further class or individual strategies for "Breaking the Barriers to Better Health".

Fees may be covered by Extended Health Care Plans. Pre-payment is required. Please direct inquiries to Brenda Taylor at EDR Professional Health Care Clinic at 905.722.3410.

More information is available if you would like to speak with any of the participating professionals.

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